Thank You for the men and women in all the branches of our military who have given up daily comforts in order to protect this nation. Lord, as they serve in foreign countries and on our seas, we ask that Your hand of protection to be over them, just as they serve to protect us. God, You know what challenges they will face today and the needs of the families they have left behind. We ask for Your guidance of our military Commanders and the troops they oversee. Give them Your wisdom on how to respond in all situations they face. Father, we pray for

- Your ongoing protection of our Troops and of this nation;

- Those who have been wounded and injured in service to their country; grant them Your peace and relief from pain;

- Your provision for those who face financial challenges as a result of their service to this country;

- Your comfort for the families and children missing their parents;

Lord we ask You to let us continue to serve those who protect us. Amen

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b. Start a chapter

Even with the current draw-down in deployed troops, the need to let our troops know they are not forgotten continues. If you are feeling led to start an American Troops Project at your church, we would be happy to discuss the process with you by phone. Please contact us at info@AmericanTroopsProject.com or call us at 408-593-1200.

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