Packing Parties & What To Bring

For those who are local residents to Los Gatos, CA and wish to participate in one of our Packing Parties, please call Randy Duke at (408) 593-1200 and ask when our next event is. If you would like to bring items to send to the troops, please follow this guideline for items NOT to bring:

1. No political content

2. No denominational –specific religious content

3. No sexually suggestive content

4. No chocolate candy during the months of April – October (it tends to melt)

5. No fragile backed goods (it tends to arrive as crumbs)

6. No large items (we use the Post Office's Medium Flate-Rate boxes to ship goods)

7. Remember where you are shipping goods (Frisbees & footballs are great for desert deployments... not so good on submarines)

To print or view a list of suggested items the Troops have asked for, please click here:

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