The American Troops Project works with like-minded organizations to minister to American Servicemen and women. We do this so as to maximize the ability to serve America's Servicemen and women to our greatest ability and not 'recreate', compete, or duplicate services. This lets ATP reduce administrative and operational costs, work with organizations who have already established and identified proven military connections, and provides ATP a more efficient outreach to the military personnel. These organizations provide us with the names of Chaplains or individuals who have a more intimate knowledge of the needs and status of our troops, and include:

Adopt-a-Chaplain Incorporated
222 Forrester Rd.
Los Gatos, CA 95032 

Telephone: 408-600-8884

Cadence International

Mailing Address
PO Box 1268
Englewood, Colorado 80150

Office Location
101 West Jefferson Ave
Englewood, Colorado 80110

Toll Free 1.800.396.6680

Mount Herman Military Campership Fund

Located in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California, Mount Herman offers military members and their families an opportunity to reengage, reunite and reconnect with their families for a whole week of family camp for free.

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